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The Only Paramotor you’ll Ever need

Pull-Start Finder Bungee

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Fray-Resistant Carabiner Hangpoints

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R-Strap System

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Auto-Break Fuses & Carbon-Kevlar Spars

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Quick-Disconnect plug-&-play System

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R-Harness Reserve Single-Point Hook Up

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Torque compensation arms

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Auto-tensioning Net

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Designed With
Innovative Features.

We believe that a paramotor should be safe and easy to operate. Both on the ground and in flight.
That’s why we developed many innovative features to make your flying experience easier, uncomplicated and stress-free.
From the beginner student to the advanced and demanding competitor, everyone will find the t-rex adapted to one’s level of flying.

  • Quick-Connect Plug-&-Play Tool-Free System
  • Auto-Break Fuses & Carbon-Kevlar Spars
  • Pull Start Finder Bungee
  • Fray-Resistant Carabiners Hangpoints
  • Torque Compensation Arms
  • Auto-tensioning Net
  • R-Strap system
  • R-Harness Reserve Single-Point Hook Up
Build Your Perfect Paramotor.

We think that each paramotor should be uniquely designed to fit every pilot’s needs out there.

From flying locally to flying cross country, from the tandem instructor to the aerobatics thrill-seeker pilot, every one has unique needs and we believe this should be reflected when you buy a paramotor.

Unfortunately, a lot of our competitors don’t think that way and they just offer a one fit-for-all paramotor that’s supposed to do everything well.

At R.ultralight, we don’t think you can achieve that level of excellence with that universality and that’s why we decided to offer options and upgrades based on each pilot’s own specific needs in the sport.
Tandem options, travel frames, reinforced parts, lighter parts, small and big tanks and more. You can customize your very own paramotor based on your flying expectations.

And that is the way how it should be !

Choose Your Frame
  • Standard
  • Light
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Globe-Trotter
  • 6-piece Light Hoop
  • 8-piece Hoop
Choose Your Options
  • Carbon Engine Mounts
  • Titanium screw set
  • Instrumentation
  • Carbon/Kevlar seatboard
  • Tandem plug & play kits
  • Remote priming lever
  • Harness (split-leg, reserve-ready)
  • Reserve chute
  • Fuel tank (light, Hi-capacity)
  • And many more...
Choose Your Engine
  • Atom 80
  • Moster 185 Plus (Pull-Start)
  • Moster 185 Plus (Dual-Start)
  • Moster 185 Factory (Pull Start)


Atom 80

Cylinder cc 78.2 cc
16 hp @ 9.500 rpm
Max Thrust 55 kg / 121 lbs
Consumption 2.7 l/h
Weight 10.4 kg / 23 lbs
Clutch Centrifugal
Reduction 3.8
Starter Pull Start

Moster 185 Plus

Cylinder cc 184.7 cc
Power 25 hp @ 7.800 rpm
Max Thrust 78 kg / 172 lbs
Consumption 3.0 l/h
Weight  14.3 kg / 31.5 lbs
Clutch Centrifugal
Reduction 2.68 / 2.87
Starter Pull or Dual
(Coming Soon)

Moster 185 Factory R

Cylinder cc 184.7 cc
Power 27 hp @ 8.800 rpm
Max Thrust 93 kg / 205 lbs
Consumption 4.0 l/h
Weight  13.7 kg / 30.2 lbs
Clutch Centrifugal
Reduction 2.87
Starter Pull Start


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Build Your Perfect Paramotor.
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